March 3, 2008

Too Faced Lash Injection

Hey, it's my first postttt! Watch for more to come -- hopefully daily.

So yesterday I went on a Sephora escapade at Dadeland Mall with friends specifically to buy another i.d. bareMinerals foundation (seriously one of the best foundations evar, I'll write a review on that some other time). But of course, Sephora being a fucking candystore of shimmery, highly pigmented, glossy goodness... I get caught up in looking at everything else. I think about buying a new tube of Diorshow Blackout, but decide to try a new mascara on a whim because I've been using that stuff for about four years straight. My ethnicity includes Chinese, meaning I have itty-bitty ass stick eyelashes. They're pretty much invisible if I let my lashes go nekkid. Diorshow would make it look like I was wearing thick, dragqueen-like falsies. Think Twiggy times thirty. My lashes would hit my browbone if I looked up. But this review isn't about Diorshow.

I went and bought Too Faced Lash Injection ($19.50). Mostly because of the extreme-sounding name. Injection. Intense-sounding, right? Wrong. Lash Injection's tube claims that it is 'Extreme Thickening & Lengthening' mascara, but it did very little for me. It added slight length at most. No thickening whatsoever. It does seperate all lashes nice and has large barrel-type brush which makes for quicker application, I guess. What's worse is that it was HELL to get off! The box says that the formula comes off in 'tiny tubes' (as in it wraps around each individual lash?) and they weren't lying! I used three uses worth of my Almay eye makeup remover pads and my fingernails to get this completely off.

This 'extreme'-ly misleading mascara gets a mere 2 out of 5 stars.