June 25, 2008

My Ex's Boyfriend.

Just because I don't want their faces directly on here for me to have to throw up at every time I need to update... a classic ROFLCOPTER moment for the lot of us is here.

June 9, 2008

Goodbye Drama, Waking Up Too Early and Academics

Hello new people, afternoon classes and 100% art-related curriculum. For those who didn't know, I will be heading to art school in Chicago come August. I'm going to miss Miami. Then again, I'll be flying back and forth quite often so no worries. Because my dangly-armed self will be FREEZING. I'm excited to see what I'm going to look like after losing the freshie fifteen (I will be without meal plan) and white (hibernation)! OMG MAGICAL HOLLYWOOD-STYLE TRANSFORMATION FAT TANNED GIRL TO ANA WHITE GIRL.

The last bits of high school -- let's see... prom sucked. Straight up sucked. Balls. Your prom would suck too if your ex-boyfriend was your old best friend's date. Your prom would suck too if yet another ex-boyfriend was there with a girl you didn't particularly love, henceforth making you feel awkward. But whatever. Thankfully the idea of PROM doesn't mean that much to me. Nyahhh, you only get one prom! Don't care. It's high school, you guys. The only real time when I need a man on my arm is my wedding day and lemme tell you, it ain't gonna be Adam Drewke. He wishes he could have a beautiful girl for a lover again. Can remind him that Miss Lix > Harry Potter? She must drive him around or something for him to like her so much. Ew, that makes me think about how much money I spent on that boy. And what would he buy me? The occasional coffee at Starbucks. Girls, don't spoil your shopping money on boys unless you really DO have that much money. 

Ugh, people suck. Trust me. 

... Actually, no. Don't trust anyone.

Graduation on the other hand was wonderful ( ...I got to throw the bird up in Adam's face on the way out)! The morning was exhilarating, just knowing that I would never have to see any of these people again. Or wake up at 5am to go through two hours of transit. I think I managed to still look super cute in that big ugly gown-thing and what I now like calling a flat-hat (graduation cap). My parents, grandparents and uncle were there to watch me in the ceremony and when it was through I walked out with a big dorky smile on my face and two giant bouquets of roses in my arms. After the ceremony we all went to Graziano's where I ate like a princess -- spinach gnocchi with almonds in a rich pesto and my favorite dessert of all time, tiramisu, for dessert. (This restaurant is amazing by the way, I highly recommend it to those who would like Argentinean/Italian fusion. They also have one of the best libraries of wine I've seen. It's a classy place, be prepared to spend at least $30, à la carte . Must have money in bank.)

Well that's all I'm chatting up tonight, kids. All in all, I can say that I've been sleeping with a smile on my face the past few days. It's late and a girl needs her beauty sleep to stay looking like this!

[ Non-existent graduation picture without a dork-face.]

EDITED! But wait! Pictures make people want to read things more. Ever notice that? So here is a random picture of me where I look fucking adorable (on the left).

Me and Cindy in what is now my old school.

P.S. Hey guys, I have money and I want to spend it. Suggest cool sites that you shop on (or wish you did). Especially ones with cute things for my apartment when I'm at school.

P.P.S. Poplife sucked for the first time this past Saturday!? Lots of grimy, oldddd guys and weird Hot Topic girls? Say what? The set being spun wasn't all that great either. Waste of my ten bucks. I could have bought a drink at The Vagabond with that gwop instead and chilled with the cute boy I had met before in an aforementioned blog entry. But but but I ended my night with Lackner of Miami Nights, which is pretty much just as good (if not better).