May 25, 2008

Poplife Lovin'

Last night was crazy awesome. I saw so many friends last night that all the people I actually care about should have been there. There's only so many of you. So why weren't you there? I also met a cute boy named Mike that flails his arms when entering a crowd who lives in the 954. Funny guy. And if he's reading this he should call me to set up a date. ASAP QT!

Haha, Steph and her Capris. Girly cigarettes rule. I'm going to buy a pack of Pink Dreams just to whip one out while in conversation and have people go, "OMG R THOSE PINK CIGZ?" And I'll say, "Yes."

Anyway, in case you're mad out of the loop, more info about Poplife parties is here and here

P.S. Can I share my favorite track at the moment with you? Sooo fucking good.

May 23, 2008

Even More tokidoki

So Onitsuka Tiger is hopping on the tokidoki bandwagon with brands like Smashbox Cosmetics  and LeSportsac! I'm usually really anti-sneakers (and flats) but these are mad exciting. Check out the soles! They're on pre-sale right now and only run for a little over a hundred bucks from what I can remember. tokidoki needs a motto or something. Like: "tokidoki -- You know you fucking need more of it". And all the artist/fashion kids (me) would do a double-take at the display and be like, "ZOMG HOWD U KNO?!1?!!111" and whip out the plastic. 

But yeah, these kicks are decenttt.

Clicky clicky.

P.S. My prom is tonight! We about to get crunk up in this bitch named Miami. <3

May 22, 2008

Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Eyeshadow Quad

On a spontaneous haul visit to Sephora I decided to do something different for once: Check out some of the brands that I've never bought from before. OMG I know, and you thought that I have tried everything. Well I haven't. But I have tried about 80% of the high-end brands out there (so if you need help deciding with someone just ask/read my reviews).

The Vincent Longo half of an aisle caught my eye. In lieu of Sephora's last fine art-themed catalogue, Longo had stuff that totally fit in. Mascaras in unconventional shades (primary yellow, blue, red, green, etc.) and the same colors in liquid liners. I poked around at these for a bit and ended up buying the Vibrant Eye Waterproof Mascara in Giallo (yellow) as well as a liner in a Crayola green, Vibrant Eye Waterproof Liner in Verdino. Oh yeah, and I could not fucking resist getting the Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Eyeshadow Quad ($40).
I mean come on, even the name is awesome. Wet Diamond. Anyway, this is the first time I've ever bought a palette that was meant to be used wet and dry.

Used dry, the high-tech pearl formulate doesn't really emulsify nicely on your brush. They colors come out tons lighter than they look in the palette. It's nice -- if you want something super subtle. Used wet these pigments are FAMAZING. 

Before I go on, I know some of you may have never used a highly-pigmented eyeshadow wet before. All you have to do is get a damp piece of paper towel/facial tissue and dab your brush on it. Never hold the brush bristles directly under a running stream of water, it'll get it WAY too wet and may ruin the bristle arrangement of your brush if you let it dry retarded.

So after you've dabbed your damp brush into a color, these pigments are soooo pronounced you can see them from a mile away. These are pealescent, ultra-shimmery colors and are super blendable. They only being to somewhat crease after the school day (appoximately 8 hours of wear). 

I highly, HIGHLY suggest the Wet Diamond Quads and give them a 5 out of 5 stars!

May 18, 2008

Just In Case You Were Unaware

Tokidoki is one of the cutest new artist brands out there and makes things so cute that you pee yourself. Observe. Silver bullet with a face. EVERYTHING is better with a face. Omgomgomgcute.

May 7, 2008

Explore Your Inner Bitch

Dear loyal UMCB readers and haters (big up),

Only few of us have the ability to be a complete bitch -- most of us are able to release some kind of temporary bitchiness. Then there are those that are just straight up pussies and walk away or hide their face when conflicted. I find it hard to classify myself sometimes -- but I'm definitely not the latter unless the situation is incredibly dire and I know there is nothing I can do about it.

The verb "to bitch" usually has a negative connotation. It does. It has no positive connotation that I know of. People (men and women alike) only bitch when something is wrong. My definition of this is to verbally go off on someone. You mouth off, cuss, spit witty comments, scream and talk mad shit. Most adults and pretentious psuedo-intellectuals will tell you crap like, "There are better ways to deal with it" and "Don't stoop to their level". That's all dandy and good if your opponent(s) are obviously on a "low stoop", but what if they think that they're higher than you, off your so-called stoop of morals and are chilling out on your porch leaning against your front door? Ignoring that what they're on is YOUR territory?

Fuck that.

You take your time to convince yourself not to beat the shit out of them when you talk to them next and exercise the goddamn First Amendment and/or whatever constitutes freedom of speech in your country. If you do it well, not only will you feel slightly (results vary) more empowered, you'll get a nice little endorphin rush too. Oh yeah, and you will have most likely pushed that slut/bitch/bastard/asshole/douche back down to the bottom step of the stoop they Smeegle-crawled from.

P.S. I got that necklace I was talking about a while ago. Check it:

The hottest girls at White Room