April 14, 2008

Shitty Blog, I Know.

Yeah, so I didn't update for a long time mostly because I just kind of think that no one reads this. I may as well be talking to a wall. I think. But I wouldn't know now would I 'cause no one leaves comments. Ugh. You guys. Come on.

WMC is long gone in the world of Clubland. Should I bother to talk about my personal experience? Let's just say it was wild. Like most Lix-nights. Amazingly fun. Bad-ass music (I cannot emphasize that enough!), all my coolest party people and just a raw fucking environment overall. I'm still really annoyed that Digitalism didn't get to go on at Ultra though. It's things like WMC that make me appreciate Miami even more than I already do.

Meanwhile, I've gone completely broke and am looking for a (new) job since the one I currently have isn't really making the bank. Any suggestions? I don't want anything to do with food. Ugh, gross. Plus I had enough ass-kissing food service for picky, mean people at Starbucks already kthx.

I just bought a trendy ass "Coco Chanel is Dead"-themed necklace. Except mine is gonna be black unlike the one in the picture. Again, pushing my monetary limits with my entry-level mall job. Check it.

Image from laniebeth.etsy.com

I also got a haul from Sephora (to be later described and perhaps reviewed) to relieve bad tension that was onset in my head on Saturday at my senior gallery showing. I hate people that bring out my inner bitch when it needs to rest.

April 2, 2008


YES, I know I haven't updated in a long time.

NO, I don't have my energy 100% back to rant and rave about WMC. It's not over yet for me. I fell asleep at the fucking gym yesterday.

I'm broke (-$370something).
Leave me alone.
Going back to the couch now.

P.S. Favorite track as of recent available for download here. Yeah, I know MSTRKRFT has been getting played the hell out recently but I still love those guys.