April 14, 2008

Shitty Blog, I Know.

Yeah, so I didn't update for a long time mostly because I just kind of think that no one reads this. I may as well be talking to a wall. I think. But I wouldn't know now would I 'cause no one leaves comments. Ugh. You guys. Come on.

WMC is long gone in the world of Clubland. Should I bother to talk about my personal experience? Let's just say it was wild. Like most Lix-nights. Amazingly fun. Bad-ass music (I cannot emphasize that enough!), all my coolest party people and just a raw fucking environment overall. I'm still really annoyed that Digitalism didn't get to go on at Ultra though. It's things like WMC that make me appreciate Miami even more than I already do.

Meanwhile, I've gone completely broke and am looking for a (new) job since the one I currently have isn't really making the bank. Any suggestions? I don't want anything to do with food. Ugh, gross. Plus I had enough ass-kissing food service for picky, mean people at Starbucks already kthx.

I just bought a trendy ass "Coco Chanel is Dead"-themed necklace. Except mine is gonna be black unlike the one in the picture. Again, pushing my monetary limits with my entry-level mall job. Check it.

Image from laniebeth.etsy.com

I also got a haul from Sephora (to be later described and perhaps reviewed) to relieve bad tension that was onset in my head on Saturday at my senior gallery showing. I hate people that bring out my inner bitch when it needs to rest.


malicewhit said...

why don't you work at sephora?
: )

Miss Lix said...

Zomg first comment ever, lol.

I applied there! Ugh, but they're always like, "Sorry, we're fully staffed. You can fill out the application and we'll keep it on file." LAME. They don't know the fucking SKILLZ they're missing out on.