March 27, 2008

Spiderpussy WMC '08 3/25

Fine guys, I admit it. I'm normally into all that high-class shit. The clubs and lounges on the beach are usually what I hang around. The rich kids and Eurotrash tourist boys that compliment me on my 'exoticness' (as if I were a car) and pronounce my name Mizz Lecks. Or Liz or Legz, even. Mmmm Eurotrash boys.

But! I took the time out on Tuesday night to head to PS14 for a Spiderpussy WMC party with Stephy, my wonderful beautifully overly-opinionated friend that reminds me of myself. Now, I've been to PS14 before and I told myself it sucked and that I'm so much more of a Washington Ave. kind of bitch. Admittedly no matter WHAT day I'll ever go to PS14 I'll feel kind of strange. The crowd seemed to mostly radiate people with awkward extension-mullets, guys with jeans that outline their packages and girls that Dov Charney would pay to stand in revealing positions wearing (only) purple lamé leggings. Not my crowd. They seemed less hostile and lacked the beach douchebagery that I'm familiar with though, so it all evened out. Except I felt stupidly overdressed in a short black jumper dress and plaid-printed (they're not tacky, STFU) Hilfiger platforms. Not my Louboutins, not pumps, not stilettos -- platforms.

Music-wise it was BAD. ASS. Imagine my fatass standing on top of my desk with a science project board with those words on it really big. BAD. ASS. Really danceable stuff with bass that you feel in your stomach. Some of those androgens are milking the good electronica more than I am, damnit! See the full list of the guys (and girls!) here. This list includes Dalton, who I spent time with chilling for the most of the time.


March 21, 2008

M.A.C Heatherette Collection is HERE!

Omg omg omg omg.

The colors are great and the compacts and packaging is pure eye candy. I'll be heading off to the Pro store this weekend to get my share of this stuff before it sells out. Check for all the swatches. I love Richie Rich and his fabulousness.

As a matter of fact, they'll be having a show during Funkshion. They'll be in the tents on 11th and Ocean on Saturday the 29th (Oh no, the same day as Ultra! Ugh).

P.S. Eat this, Fafi! I don't know what the hell they were thinking when they thought those dolls were cute. Fuckin' horrifying. They look like Bratz on crack.

March 19, 2008

A GLOBAL Thank You and Upcoming Events!

This will be the official UMCB 100-hits mark entry!  According to statistics, I've had readers from the U.S, France, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Italy. I've gotta admit that's pretty cool. I've gone global bitches! Watch outtt.

Yeah, I know it's not that big of a deal compared to a million or whatever the hell, but you guys can will tell your friends.

I get monthly e-mails from TicketMaster in order to keep up with good shows and things and I found some dates that you may be interested in (if you're anything like me). 

Oh yeah and of course...

* Only in the 3-0-5

March 15, 2008

The Rally Photos, FINALLY.

So yes! The PINK Rally at the Raleigh was pretty cool. Pretty people, pretty brand, pretty boys. Yeah that's right, boys. At first I was like, why would guys want to be around all this PINK, girly-stuff? Then I realized what guy WOULDN'T want to be where all these hott spring breaker girls are in Miami? I counted at least five sporting their pink Lacoste, obviously. Looking goood.

Ehem. Aside from the beautiful people from Miami and abroad, there were cool celebs like Brody Jenner (The Hills hottie), Vanessa Mannillo (the MTV/Maxim Hottie) and Miranda Kerr (the Aussie Angel hottie). You really do feel like a fatass when you see models in person. Christ. Ms. Kerr almost made me want to flush my modeling endevor down the shitter just by merely looking at her. Oh yeah, DJ Irie was there too. But he's not hott.

The hotel this this was hosted at for the second year in a row, The Raleigh, is on 17th and Collins Avenue on the Beach. Wonderfully upscale place to stay here if you've got the $$$. The back area was huge -- large size patio, giant pool, and a sandy part with upholstered couches, tables, and a volleyball net. Victoria's Secret had EVERYTHING PINK-afied, from pins on the pillows on the couches, to the giant dog on the diving board, to the volleyball net. It was like a fantasy playland for rich bitches. And upper-middle class bitches!

The Raleigh

DJ Irie and Vanessa Mannillo

Brody Jenner and DJ Irie

Miranda Kerr (holding the microphone)

Love you guys,

March 13, 2008


I have not slept in 31 hours, you guys. I have pictures from the PINK Rally at the Raleigh. I'll go online tomorrow and edit this post so I can show you what you missed. It was super fun.


March 11, 2008

Spring Breakin' It Already!

I suck at updating super often. But that's okay.

Tomorrow I will be looking hot as usual at Victoria's Secrets' PINK Rally at the Raleigh Hotel here on Miami Beach. MIRANDA KERR (the prettiest of all the angels!) will be there. Good enough for me. I had to gather my PINK-wear tonight as it's required you wear some of the brand for extra goodies and camera lovin'. My camera's busted, but I'll be sure to have my BFF Whitney take majabillions of pictures for me so I can share and make you jealous.

Here are some media clippings from last year's PINKtastic spring break bash:

Again, be jealous. You will be in school. Or maybe you'll be awesome, play hookie, and meet me there! Or maybe you're in college and don't even have to worry about it 'cause you're spring breaking where I live 24/7  (insert sneer here).

P.S. I don't know how long this has been published, but it's a great resource for some of the most kickass beauty products out there: 2008 CEW Beauty Awards Finalists. Also The Best of Sephora 2007. I have these two sites favorited under my 'Reference' tab in Safari. Next to and WSVN.

P.P.S. Clear your history after if you read this on a school computer please. I don't need everyone knowing what I'm doing out of class. Pft.

March 7, 2008

IIII Wantttt...

Funny Face Tote BagOkay, so most of my friends know this one of my many catch-phrases:
"Everything's better with a face."

No really! Draw a smiley face on your stapler. Isn't it 10,000 times better now?! AUGHH CUTENESSSS.

Yeah, yeah -- it doesn't scream "UPPERCLASSBITCH!", but I definitely have a soft spot for quirky-looking totes in my closet next to Fendi clutch.

Funny Face Tote Bag

March 6, 2008

Ridonkulous Model Standards? Maybe Not?

On Tuesday morning in Paris, as the fashion elite were gathering at the Balenciaga show, 17-year-old model Ali Michael was heading home to the U.S. far earlier than anticipated.

Miss Michael was last season's model du jour, and she looks wraithlike, with a still-developing body and a 23-inch waist. But this season, after gaining five pounds, Miss Michael was told by casting directors for the runway shows that her legs were too plump, according to her mother, Mary Ann Michael, who travels with her daughter to appointments and shows. And so, after doing a string of major supermodel shows in September, Miss Michael snared only the Yohji Yamamoto show in Paris this time around. After walking the runway, her eyes blackened with corpse-like makeup, she said she was sad to be leaving but grateful to Mr. Yamamoto. "This show is special," she added.

Nobody here has been talking about last year's skinny-model cause célèbre, when a few fashion-industry leaders in Milan and Madrid began talking about instituting body-mass-index requirements after the starvation deaths of several models. This year, the models are just as thin -- if anything, they look thinner. This was particularly visible in Paris, which sets modes for clothes and fashion shows around the world.

-- Christina Binkley for The Wall Street Journal (full article)

Ali is the one standing on the left. The girl crouching, Lily Donaldson, gets to keep her job. Fine with me.

As I said in the last post, I'm on the fence about this whole stick-thin model thing. I do think it probably is sending a horrible message to girls around the world watching this stuff. Shit, I'm pretty sure it affected me. I can't find how much the girl weighs, but being 5'9" and having a 23" waist sounds like a super low BMI and extreme underweight conditions to me. Although I understand that some girls are just 'born skinny' and have petite frames, no girl should have to watch her weight so carefully down to five pounds in order to make money and follow their dream. There will always be weight shittiness in the media, unfortunately. If you ask me, watching a show in Paris is just as unhealthy for you as eating McDonald's. Obesity is the bigger problem (yes, pun intended) here in the U.S. Everyone went off on Lagerfeld's apathy toward itty bitty models when he shrugged and said that "France has problems with a rise in overweight people rather than underweight".

For those of you who think that 'normal' girls should be modeling Gaultier's Spring/Summer RTW, you guys also have to understand that models are used to display the clothing, not themselves. Meaning it's more effective for the designer to use scrawny girls rather than girls with thick thighs or big boobs that would serve as a gigantic fucking distraction bouncing and jiggling around on the runway. I mean, the AMA (Association of Model Agents) suggest the measurements 34-24-34. Plus, smaller model = less fabric = lower cost. 

Heroin chic is back and there's not much we can do about it. I'm sure Madrid's lawmakers cried themselves to sleep after this story.

March 5, 2008

I'm bad.

So yeah, this won't be daily. Mostly because I just forget to update, or don't really have much to say at the moment.

... OK, that was complete bullshit. I always have something to say. I'm just lazy-slash-busy-with-other-things. I promise to try harder, but only if I get some response.

What I do want to know is what everyone is interested in the most out of the things I'm willing to blab about. If you could vote on the new poll to the right, that'd help me tons tons tons. See that? Three tons. That's like a fucking elephant or something (I'll wait for someone to comment and correct me on the actual weight of an elephant).

As for the last poll, most of you said that models should be 'healthy skinny' because stick-thin girls are a bad influence and send a negative message about body image to young girls. I'm on the fence about this subject, truthfully. Reasons for my being indecisive and an article that will shock and disgust you that feel this way tomorrow!

Love you pretties!

March 3, 2008

Too Faced Lash Injection

Hey, it's my first postttt! Watch for more to come -- hopefully daily.

So yesterday I went on a Sephora escapade at Dadeland Mall with friends specifically to buy another i.d. bareMinerals foundation (seriously one of the best foundations evar, I'll write a review on that some other time). But of course, Sephora being a fucking candystore of shimmery, highly pigmented, glossy goodness... I get caught up in looking at everything else. I think about buying a new tube of Diorshow Blackout, but decide to try a new mascara on a whim because I've been using that stuff for about four years straight. My ethnicity includes Chinese, meaning I have itty-bitty ass stick eyelashes. They're pretty much invisible if I let my lashes go nekkid. Diorshow would make it look like I was wearing thick, dragqueen-like falsies. Think Twiggy times thirty. My lashes would hit my browbone if I looked up. But this review isn't about Diorshow.

I went and bought Too Faced Lash Injection ($19.50). Mostly because of the extreme-sounding name. Injection. Intense-sounding, right? Wrong. Lash Injection's tube claims that it is 'Extreme Thickening & Lengthening' mascara, but it did very little for me. It added slight length at most. No thickening whatsoever. It does seperate all lashes nice and has large barrel-type brush which makes for quicker application, I guess. What's worse is that it was HELL to get off! The box says that the formula comes off in 'tiny tubes' (as in it wraps around each individual lash?) and they weren't lying! I used three uses worth of my Almay eye makeup remover pads and my fingernails to get this completely off.

This 'extreme'-ly misleading mascara gets a mere 2 out of 5 stars.