November 27, 2008

Lix Says Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by Lex

Last night was pretty awesome. Rye Rye is super hot live (especially when you're shaking it to the ground about ten feet away from her on-stage)! Check out the 'HARDCORE GIRLS' photo set on 8mts and see if you can find a picture of me. I'm too busy getting ready for a dinner I can't enjoy to look right now. Being vegan is rough.

Also, I drew a picture on the plane ride over to Miami last night for you guys. I'll scan it later.

Tonight -- be sure to dance off the calories you've stuffed yourself with at White Room for The Freaks Come Out at Night! Featuring the debut of Coochie Cutters (my girls Linda Attias and Clara Infante) as a rap duo. Stravinsky, Damaged Goods, MGA, Cosmo and Diego de la Vega complete the lineup tonight. 18+ are welcome and it's only a $5 cover with 2-4-1 drinks alllll niiiiight loooong.

November 25, 2008

I Know What I'm Thankful For.

Here is one of many things to do for the week of Thanksgiving. Ergo, be thankful for parties.

In my opinion, the heavy hitter will be tomorrow in Miami when M.I.A.'s 17-year-old club girl, Rye Rye, and a pioneer (he could be a father, he's 40!) of Baltimore ass-shaking tracks, Scottie B, get together. It's a b-more attack! Intense. I'm super excited. I need to get on booking an afternoon flight so I can definitely make it (I get flights that arrive in Miami after 10pm for some reason).

Neighborhood booty-skaking attack to be exact!

Spiderpussy presents Thanksgiving Eve B-More Attack
White Room, 1306 N. Miami Ave.
Wednesday, November 26
Rye Rye with Scottie B Live, plus Johnny Strokes & AL B Rotten
$10, Doors at 10pm

More holiday/ArtBasel Miami parties to come...!

November 20, 2008


Oops, I think I've been posting to my tumblr more than I've been posting here. If you're ever bored, you should look through that. While I'm bored (not doing work I'm supposed to be doing) I just sit on my laptop and discover all kinds of random shit of interest.

Like today I came upon MTV Music. Maybe people started bitching about how MTV is no longer Music Television but Whiny-Rich-Bitch-Reality-Shows Television. Whatever it was that sparked the idea, it's a good one. Now instead of looking to YouTube for shitty quality music videos spammed by strange comments in foreign languages you can just look to MTV Music's database of pretty much every music video they have shown.

Um, other than that I've been addicted to online shopping as of late. Or at least online browsing due to my currently being semi-broke (mmm, graphic design supplies). I've been obsessing over all the holiday collections on Sephora...

November 11, 2008

All We Do Is Party (ah-ah-ah-ahh)!

Photos from

Can I get a look past the rip from an overplayed MSTRKRFT track and get an "amen"?

Finally an exhibition that credits a few of our local hardworking photographers. Time to throw up some appreciation for the ones that capture all the fun moments for you -- managing to make you look like the hot hipster you are despite being drunk (and quite possibly wired) as fuck and sweaty in ultra-tight American Apparel. You just gotta give it up.

That being said, I'll see you at All We Do Is Party: A Look at the Art of Party Photography. The work of Clayton Hauck, Geoff Adler, Nem Perez, Brandon Breaux, Lindsay Apatow and more will be blown up monster-size (some 5' tall!) for your SLR-conscious eyes. Oh yeah, and there will be food, drinks and a live photobooth! Sets will be from Kid Color and Tewz. Fun stuff. Did I mention it was completely FREE? The exhibition will be taking place at All Rise Gallery (1370 W. Grand Ave.) and run from 8pm to 11pm. And like all things party-related, there is an after-party at Angels and Kings (710 N. Clark Ave.) with a versus set with Skyler and Zebo. This will be photographed by all of those included in the earlier show. Your drunken face is bound to show up somewhere on the interwebz.

Again, both things are FREE FREE FREE! So go!

Matt & Kim in Chicago

Huzzah, the super-adorable Matt & Kim are going to be touring not one, but two nights here in Chicago! If you haven't heard of them or haven't heard any of their new stuff, I highly suggest you take a listen and download their new track, "Daylight", for free on

Tour dates are as follows for the Chicago area:

Tuesday November 11th

2011 West North Ave.

with BF and Hollywood Holt, $10, 9pm

Wednesday November 12th

2011 West North Ave.

With BF, $10, all ages. This is an early show, 6pm!

Unfortunately the tour doesn't span too far out so they won't be in Miami. Bug them on the their MySpace to do a show in the 305 (or see other tour dates) and show them some love!

Meanwhile, I'm freezing my ass off and wishing I was back home 90 miles from Cuba. I've been updating my tumblr a lot recently, so be sure to check that out! Sorry I got lazy with the main site.

November 4, 2008

This is it, you guys.

Tonight is a historic night. It seems that mostly all of Chicago is hyped up for Obama's last campaign rally right here in our very own Grant Park. If you managed to get an official ticket to enter the actual area where Obama will be speaking, ughimsojealousfuckyou. If not, I really think you should head out there anyway - - be a part of this! This is a world-changing day, event and decision that we Americans all need to recognize. Do be careful though if you decide to head out there, there is to be an estimated one million people in attendance. Uh, again. Historic.

Here's a super helpful graphic taken from the Chicago Tribune site to help you navigate the area. You can click this image to enlarge it.

I'm still at work the 9th floor of a building looking at the Art Institute and I can hear the cheering already. I'll be there tonight covering the event. So far, all I've got for you are these pictures by my window at my desk from about an hour ago (I have a pretty nice view aside fromt the reflection of computers, sorry about that).

Millenium Park and a high-rise building that got clever with lighting!

More clever lighting from the left facade of the Art Institute of Chicago.

For more information about the rally in Chicago tonight please visit the Chicago Tribune website. To watch states hopefully light up blue, check out the live updating map on CNN.

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk, Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run, Obama's running so we all can fly.

November 3, 2008

PLEASE Vote Tomorrow.

If you haven't already voted early. If you don't know where to vote tomorrow, use this. Just punch in your address and it'll give you all the information you need, including a polling place you can go to.

November 1, 2008

Currently In Miami

Photo by Justin Namon

Hope your Halloween was as fun as mine. I flew back to Miami last night and went to Heathrow with my friend Duran to see Chromeo* last night! More pictures from the event are here.

(Download Chromeo's super fire remix of Treasure Finger's "Cross the Dancefloor"!)

After I had my fill of Chromeo I headed to The Vagabond for the Dos Equis burlesque-y circus-y themed party. That was fun too. Pictures from that event are also on the Miami New Times site.

Tonight be sure to stop by the Dios de los Muertos/post-Halloween thing at White Room and give me a hug. Residents Mike Deuce and Aramis will be there as usual along with WVUM and Team Rojas in the Red Room. Doors at 10, no cover before midnight as usual otherwise it's $10. Drink specials all night long! Cool flyer too. Click it to see it bigger.

See you tonight.