November 11, 2008

Matt & Kim in Chicago

Huzzah, the super-adorable Matt & Kim are going to be touring not one, but two nights here in Chicago! If you haven't heard of them or haven't heard any of their new stuff, I highly suggest you take a listen and download their new track, "Daylight", for free on

Tour dates are as follows for the Chicago area:

Tuesday November 11th

2011 West North Ave.

with BF and Hollywood Holt, $10, 9pm

Wednesday November 12th

2011 West North Ave.

With BF, $10, all ages. This is an early show, 6pm!

Unfortunately the tour doesn't span too far out so they won't be in Miami. Bug them on the their MySpace to do a show in the 305 (or see other tour dates) and show them some love!

Meanwhile, I'm freezing my ass off and wishing I was back home 90 miles from Cuba. I've been updating my tumblr a lot recently, so be sure to check that out! Sorry I got lazy with the main site.