November 25, 2008

I Know What I'm Thankful For.

Here is one of many things to do for the week of Thanksgiving. Ergo, be thankful for parties.

In my opinion, the heavy hitter will be tomorrow in Miami when M.I.A.'s 17-year-old club girl, Rye Rye, and a pioneer (he could be a father, he's 40!) of Baltimore ass-shaking tracks, Scottie B, get together. It's a b-more attack! Intense. I'm super excited. I need to get on booking an afternoon flight so I can definitely make it (I get flights that arrive in Miami after 10pm for some reason).

Neighborhood booty-skaking attack to be exact!

Spiderpussy presents Thanksgiving Eve B-More Attack
White Room, 1306 N. Miami Ave.
Wednesday, November 26
Rye Rye with Scottie B Live, plus Johnny Strokes & AL B Rotten
$10, Doors at 10pm

More holiday/ArtBasel Miami parties to come...!