November 27, 2008

Lix Says Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by Lex

Last night was pretty awesome. Rye Rye is super hot live (especially when you're shaking it to the ground about ten feet away from her on-stage)! Check out the 'HARDCORE GIRLS' photo set on 8mts and see if you can find a picture of me. I'm too busy getting ready for a dinner I can't enjoy to look right now. Being vegan is rough.

Also, I drew a picture on the plane ride over to Miami last night for you guys. I'll scan it later.

Tonight -- be sure to dance off the calories you've stuffed yourself with at White Room for The Freaks Come Out at Night! Featuring the debut of Coochie Cutters (my girls Linda Attias and Clara Infante) as a rap duo. Stravinsky, Damaged Goods, MGA, Cosmo and Diego de la Vega complete the lineup tonight. 18+ are welcome and it's only a $5 cover with 2-4-1 drinks alllll niiiiight loooong.