December 30, 2008

Suggested NYE Parties

Oy vey. Things have been super nuts lately! But like, fun kind of nuts. This past week for me included partying with Steve Aoki, Treasure Fingers, all my closest friends... and lots of Grey Goose in my eyes. But mostly in my mouth thankfully as you can see. More documentation of the Steve Aoki show at B.E.D. here.

Photo by Miami New Times/Tony Vargas

On another note, tomorrow's New Years Eve! Don't be caught sitting at home in front of the TV to watch the ball drop... get out and about! Here are a couple affordable or free (!) parties that I think are worth the visit tomorrow night:

1. White Room (map)
NO ENTRANCE FEE/COVER ALL NIGHT! Complimentary champagne toast.
For cabana, table & bottle reservations call (305) 995-5050.
RSVP on Facebook

2. Flight 09 @ FalconTrust Air Hangar (map)
$99 pre-sold tickets. Premium cocktails, great food, jet planes, exotic cars, live DJ’s, and Cirque de Soleil- inspired entertainment. Evening wear required.
Call (786) 278-0606 for tickets.
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3. A Burlesque New Year's Eve @ The Raleigh (map)
A wild, theatrical Poplife party full of outrageous fun; in one of South Beach’s most iconic settings. Featuring an appearance by Amanda Lepore.
$150 tickets available here.
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4. Rokbar New Year's (map)
No cover from 11pm-1am! $20 afterward.
Live set by DJ Gunars. Complimentary champagne toast.
Call (305) 674-4397 for table reservations.

Those are the few things I could find that were under $200. Should be good! I'll be at White Room of course. BE SAFE. I'll see you in 2009!

December 26, 2008

Steve Aoki in Miami

I honestly don't think I need to say much about this. It's going to be awesome. You already knew that. It'll be hosted by two of the hottest chicas I know, Coochie Cutters (Clara/Magic Baby and Linda)!

Buy your $25 tickets here.

December 24, 2008

Oh Shit

Wait. Hold on. Is it seriously Christmas tomorrow? I've been so out of it lately. Too much partying. Well I guess you all know what this means. Time for some of this (right-click and Save As, bitches). IT'S A NECESSITY.

Wow, that looks nothing like Mariah Carey. Has it been that long? 14 years, geez.

December 16, 2008

Moving Again

I decided last week that I'm going to be moving right on back to Miami. It's not that I don't like Chicago -- it's a cool city, seriously -- I'm just not feeling it as much as my hometown. I'm also not feeling all this damn cold weather. I'll be visiting Chicago and whatnot but hopefully before the end of December I'll be completely moved out of my apartment in The Loop and be back in swing in the 305. I won't be gone forever though. I'll occasionally come by for good parties I hear about and stuff.

I plan to travel to parties all over this winter and spring. Places I plan to hit up are NYC, L.A., Melbourne, and possibly Atlanta! Let's hope I get a new camera this Christmas so I can document my craziness and stop relying on party photographers. I really do appreciate people like Jipsy, Justin, Bronques, Clayton, etc. Thanks for capturing the memoriesss.

See you bitches this weekend! Hit me up on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/here/whatever and let me know what's going down. Let's partyyy.

December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Veronica!

Why you should go to White Room tonight:

1. It's my girl Veronica's birthday (she's pretty awesome).
2. It's Quentin Tarantino-themed.
3. It's FREE.
4. There will be 2-4-1 drinks from 10pm-11pm and 3am-4am.
5. A documentary filming will be in progress!
6. You know you want to dance you ass off.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to be Jungle Julia (I'm in Chicago for a few more days), but you should go and dance your ass off!

December 13, 2008


Yes, it's me. I'm vain, I know.
Hey! Yes, I know, I totally suck at updating. I've just been really busy with life-things. At least I'm not one of those people that takes time aside out of their real lives to blog once (or twice) a day. Plus, I'm not quite sure what to talk about when I'm not all up in the parties.

I'm 90% sure I'm going to be moving back to Miami permanently this winter. Chicago's cool and all but it's getting kind of old (and cold). I'm just not feeling it anymore. Plus, all my people are in the 305!

I'll be flying back to Miami for the holidays (and again, to probably start moving back) on Monday night.

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