December 16, 2008

Moving Again

I decided last week that I'm going to be moving right on back to Miami. It's not that I don't like Chicago -- it's a cool city, seriously -- I'm just not feeling it as much as my hometown. I'm also not feeling all this damn cold weather. I'll be visiting Chicago and whatnot but hopefully before the end of December I'll be completely moved out of my apartment in The Loop and be back in swing in the 305. I won't be gone forever though. I'll occasionally come by for good parties I hear about and stuff.

I plan to travel to parties all over this winter and spring. Places I plan to hit up are NYC, L.A., Melbourne, and possibly Atlanta! Let's hope I get a new camera this Christmas so I can document my craziness and stop relying on party photographers. I really do appreciate people like Jipsy, Justin, Bronques, Clayton, etc. Thanks for capturing the memoriesss.

See you bitches this weekend! Hit me up on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/here/whatever and let me know what's going down. Let's partyyy.