March 11, 2008

Spring Breakin' It Already!

I suck at updating super often. But that's okay.

Tomorrow I will be looking hot as usual at Victoria's Secrets' PINK Rally at the Raleigh Hotel here on Miami Beach. MIRANDA KERR (the prettiest of all the angels!) will be there. Good enough for me. I had to gather my PINK-wear tonight as it's required you wear some of the brand for extra goodies and camera lovin'. My camera's busted, but I'll be sure to have my BFF Whitney take majabillions of pictures for me so I can share and make you jealous.

Here are some media clippings from last year's PINKtastic spring break bash:

Again, be jealous. You will be in school. Or maybe you'll be awesome, play hookie, and meet me there! Or maybe you're in college and don't even have to worry about it 'cause you're spring breaking where I live 24/7  (insert sneer here).

P.S. I don't know how long this has been published, but it's a great resource for some of the most kickass beauty products out there: 2008 CEW Beauty Awards Finalists. Also The Best of Sephora 2007. I have these two sites favorited under my 'Reference' tab in Safari. Next to and WSVN.

P.P.S. Clear your history after if you read this on a school computer please. I don't need everyone knowing what I'm doing out of class. Pft.