May 23, 2008

Even More tokidoki

So Onitsuka Tiger is hopping on the tokidoki bandwagon with brands like Smashbox Cosmetics  and LeSportsac! I'm usually really anti-sneakers (and flats) but these are mad exciting. Check out the soles! They're on pre-sale right now and only run for a little over a hundred bucks from what I can remember. tokidoki needs a motto or something. Like: "tokidoki -- You know you fucking need more of it". And all the artist/fashion kids (me) would do a double-take at the display and be like, "ZOMG HOWD U KNO?!1?!!111" and whip out the plastic. 

But yeah, these kicks are decenttt.

Clicky clicky.

P.S. My prom is tonight! We about to get crunk up in this bitch named Miami. <3