May 25, 2008

Poplife Lovin'

Last night was crazy awesome. I saw so many friends last night that all the people I actually care about should have been there. There's only so many of you. So why weren't you there? I also met a cute boy named Mike that flails his arms when entering a crowd who lives in the 954. Funny guy. And if he's reading this he should call me to set up a date. ASAP QT!

Haha, Steph and her Capris. Girly cigarettes rule. I'm going to buy a pack of Pink Dreams just to whip one out while in conversation and have people go, "OMG R THOSE PINK CIGZ?" And I'll say, "Yes."

Anyway, in case you're mad out of the loop, more info about Poplife parties is here and here

P.S. Can I share my favorite track at the moment with you? Sooo fucking good.


popness monster said...

good night indeed. thanks for the linking! see you about.

Miss Lix said...

No problemo :D Thank YOU for the flattering picture, haha.