August 20, 2008

Eek! Mini-Hiatus!

Due to my temporary 3-month move to Chicago this coming Saturday morning (ugh, I'm going to cry on the plane anyway), I may not update for a bit. But you should be used to that, I'm pretty bad with updating.

Either way, here are some things you have to look forward to on UMCB once I settle in near Magnificent Mile (foreseeable overdrafting!):

  • A long-awaited interview with vocalist, Bella Saona of The Fire and Reason
  • Crazy pictures from my official going-away party at White Room
  • Why there should be a difference in the daytime and nighttime contents of your bag
  • Beginning to my track progress on the Karl Lagerfeld Diet
  • Miami AND Chicago Shit-to-Do (nightlife and events)
I will still definitely be updating my Twitter via texts and maybe my brand-spanking-new tumblr, so follow me on those in the meantime!

Wish me luck with flying with my liquids (97 lipglosses, counted today) and sharp weapons (stilettos)! Love you all!


erica said...

97 lipglosses? You're my hero!

Miss Lix said...