August 14, 2008

I'm going to cry in the airport...

...and it's gonna be like a movie. I'll hug my parents, grab my bags, and board the plane in slow-mo. And the guy sitting next to me on the plane will be playing some sap Coldplay or Keane song loud enough to be the soundtrack to it all. 

And then I'll get over it and become semi-famous in a new city.

I will be moving to Chicago for three or so months in 8 days (leaving Saturday morning). Although Chicago seems like an awesome city, my heart will always be in Miami. I'm going to miss this city so much! I'll even miss the assholes that weave in and out of lanes on the 836, the crazy bums that I pay off to look after my car (Troy the Wonderboy and Al, specifically) and the tourist-littered beaches. But most of all I'm going to miss my PARTY PEOPLE. What will I do without you guys? Geez.

Well, you all should know me already -- I'm having a bomb-ass going-away party tomorrow courtesy of White Room and my favorite men at MiamiNights. You need to come by and show me some lovin' before I go! Alas, this will not be my last night out at the clubs (I may host eXposure on Monday at White Room again) but it is the official party for me. It's also going to be Dalton's last night in Miami as well so you really should be there for his last set in the 305. Bring all of your friends, it's going to be popping! I whipped up a quick little flyer yesterday for it:

(Click the flyer to see it larger.)

And of course, the obligatory shit-to-do list, new and improved with Facebook event links (if available):

Thursday, August 14th (today)

Money$hot @ The Vagabond (flyer)
Feat. Los Borrachos Tour w/ DJ Craze & Dave Nada
2-4-1 drinks 10-11pm and 3-4am, $10 cover

APT Presents Red Room Thursdays (flyer)
Feat. Ray Milian, Jonathan & Josh
2-4-1 drinks 1-2am, comp shot for all @ 2am, 25 cent cover (?!)

Guilty Pleasures @ Aero Bar
Feat. DJ Ross One, Mark Leventhal & Artime

Friday, August 15th

My Going-Away Party/Fracture @ White Room (flyer is above, duh)
Feat. DJs Johnny Strokes, AL B Rotten and De La Vega
Open bar 10-11pm and the first 10 minutes of every hour!

Saturday, August 16th

Poplife Presents: Paid Vacation @ White Room (flyer)
With IHMDJ and a live performance from Juiceboxxx
Fly Girl boutique in the Red Room, open bar 10-11pm

Jose & Branden Present: THISISIT @ Miami Art Space (flyer)
No alchy, but an awesome dance party in an awesome space nontheless!
Feat. DJs Dasme, Berryteback, Soobwoop & Rangotango

Coming soon on UMCB... an interview with The Fire and Reason!


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