July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts NOT having to do with my ex-boyfriend and his new boyfriend. I'm going to start making myself update with a kind of schedule, like a review every Thursday, fashion news every Monday, etc. That'll probably make me stay on top of things.

Otherwise ladies (and gents?) I've been partying my brains out to the point where I wake up with a headache I don't care that much about every morning.

Oh and I pretty much just don't hang around South Beach anymore -- it's really just full of super-old rich douchebaggy foreign guys that want to take you back to their room at one of the trendy boutique hotels. You usually find me at the following clubs/lounges/bars: White Room, The "Vag" Vagabond and PS14. The scope is a little wider that that, but those are the places that are all within walking distance of each other. That, and I don't have to run around with what used to be a library card that has a bad picture of me and states that I am a black haired, brown eyed, 5'7" 21-year-old from Nevada.

Either way, enjoy yourselves today. Whatever you do, don't be lame and wear our nations colors/patterns unless you're going to be in a damn parade. My mom used to dress me like the flag when I was four. Here are some events going on tonight in the 305 just in case you have nothing to do. And they'll all be from the non-Downtown area as a bellyrub for me dissing stuff from the beach. It's mostly the Opium Group I'm hating on. C'mon, there's no excuse NOT to go out when you have two grand openings:

The Nikki Coconut Grove 4th of July Bash Dinner
(In the Sonesta Hotel Lobby)
Food and drink specials all day
2889 Mc Farlane Rd
RSVP: (786) 343-6238

Heathrow Lounge Grand Opening
Complimentary cocktails from 11 to 12:30
Feat DJs Ruen, Midas and Doormouse
681 Washington Ave
RSVP: E-mail heathrowlounge@aol.com w/ name, e-mail, number and D.O.B.

Complimentary entry 'till 1 (must RSVP at above link)
Feat Stephen Luke, ESP, DJ Turk & David G.
1501 Collins Ave
Bottle RSVP: (305) 672-2221

Haha -- and if you don't feel like dressing up too much and just want to chill and do something that seems eh, we'll call it "interesting":

Served fresh all night!
Matt Cash, Plot, Sharpsound, Sweet Dick Vega, Stravinsky, Quita and Aramis
28 NE 14th St
(No need to RSVP here!)

I'm sick today, so I'll see all of you for Poplife at White Room tomorrow (hopefully). Love you guys!